Nazi flyers litter Rialto neighborhood

RIALTO, Calif. Flyers asking people to honor /*Adolf Hitler*/ on his birthday were found on lawns and driveways in Rialto.

The flyers were distributed by the white nationalist organization /*Aryan Nations*/ as a way of recruiting.

The group's California president says they plan to distribute more flyers to other parts of Southern California.

"I think its racist and I think that it shouldn't be thrown in our neighborhood because this is a mixed neighborhood," said Rialto resident Mary Jones. "I don't see why they pick our neighborhood to throw these things in."

Some experts say groups like Aryan Nations target neighborhoods with changing demographics to do their recruiting.

Police say the group didn't commit any crimes, but they still plan to investigate.

"It's hard for me to comment about this, knowing that there is a first amendment right here," said Lt. Joe Cirilo of the Rialto Police Department.

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