Los Angeles offers marijuana friendly hotel

LOS ANGELES The once grand Hotel Normandie has clearly gone to pot. But now the owners say pot is what will save this place.

The plan according to a story in the Los Angeles Times is to turn it into a "pot friendly" hotel. Renaming it Dennis Peron's Normandie Hotel.

Dennis Peron is a sixty-five year old marijuana activist behind California's medical marijuana movement.

But many are asking if marijuana will be able to turn this place around?

"I think making the refrigerators work would turn the place around," Hotel Normandie resident April Droddy said.

April Droddy has been living at the Normandie for the past few weeks. Forget about making it pot friendly she says, make it people friendly first.

"I need a bathroom stopper, and I need the refrigerator to work," Droddy said. "Other than that I don't really care if they smoke pot."

"Absolutely. We are in a deficit right now and marijuana is our number one cash crop," Nadia Smalley said. "It's going to bring us out of this deficit period."

But there are several legal questions surrounding the plan and one of the managers is even blowing smoke when it comes to the pot plans at the Normandie Hotel. We'll have to wait and see if the concept hotel idea is just a lot of hot air.

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