'Back-up Plan,' 'Losers' hit the big screen

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES /*Jennifer Lopez*/ takes on her first starring role in four years with "The Back-up Plan." This real life mother of twins plays a woman whose biological clock is ticking very loudly. And on the same day she is artificially inseminated, she meets the man of her dreams.

Alex O'Laughlin plays her prince in this PG-13 rated romantic comedy.

For action fans this weekend, "The Losers" is an adaptation of a comic book series that has members of an elite Special Forces unit operating in the Bolivian jungle who find themselves caught in a giant double cross.

Our heroes get their footing, and then find a way to try and get even with those who have crossed them.

/*Jeffrey Dean Morgan*/, /*Zoe Saldana*/, Chris Evans, Columbus Short are among this talented ensemble cast.

"If you want a good old fashioned good time, you would go see this movie," said Short. "If you wanna laugh and see explosions, and get taken on a journey by these guys, you're really going to enjoy it. It's a movie for everyone."

Country star Kenny Chesney's concert film, "Summer in 3D" documents six of his stadium shows from last year.

And to help commemorate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Disney follows up last year's documentary "Earth" with another ecological documentary, "Oceans."

The film explores the depths of the planet's five seas and the life that inhabits them, and takes us to never-before-seen places. "Oceans" is narrated by /*Pierce Brosnan*/.

And, if you see it at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood, you'll also meet several exotic animals that will be on display from the Wildlife Learning Center.

Disney is the parent company of ABC7.

And that's what's new at the movies this weekend.

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