Is it safe to bring children to dog parks?

LOS ANGELES The half-acre dog park in Richland, an eastern Washington suburb, currently doesn't have any rules regarding children.

One mom says she was yelled at by a dog owner who said she wouldn't be responsible if her dog bit the woman's little girl.

It seems plenty of dog owners feel kids don't belong at the dog park.

"This is basically a dog park, not a kid park. They have kid parks all over the tri cities this is the only one we have," said Tom Marocchini, a dog owner.

"I don't honestly think toddlers should be here, because some of the dogs are as big as the toddlers," said another dog owner Carrie Roy.

The Department of Parks and Recreation admits it needs to establish some rules about children inside the dog park. Members could come up with some as early as next month.

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