'Dancing' celebs use Twitter to reach out

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LOS ANGELES The competition is getting tougher on "Dancing With the Stars," and the teams are stepping it up. But not just on the dance floor! All of the 'Dancing' teams are reaching out to fans in creative ways, using Facebook and Twitter accounts.

"Yeah, we have one actually he talked me into doing it," said /*Erin Andrews*/.

"We are keeping people in the loop of things," said professional dancer /*Maksim Chmerkovskiy*/. "I'm a very private person. I don't like to open up too much about stuff that's close to home, but it's a public show and there nothing wrong with tweeting once in awhile with some fun pictures of us in the studio and what's happening and everything."

/*Jake Pavelka*/ established a new phone line just for the show.

"So if my fans want to call me or leave a message they can actually call and talk to me about what's going on with 'Dancing With the Stars,'" said Pavelka.

Another couple is reaching out to supporters and not just for votes, but for advice!

"We really do try to be in touch with them," said /*Evan Lysacek*/. "We take recommendations on Twitter and on our Facebook page of like what we should wear, what we should dance to and how we should dance."

/*Pamela Anderson*/ and her partner /*Damian Whitewood*/ say every little bit helps.

"I'm obsessed with my Facebook, but it's kind of a quirky one but its gathering people in," said Anderson.

"We want the momentum behind us. So anything that's going to help we are doing it," said Whitewood.

Fortunately for NFL star /*Chad Ochocinco*/ he has a very large fan base on Twitter.

"He's Mr. Twitter," said professional dancer /*Cheryl Burke*/. "He's got like 800 to 900 thousand people following him so I think he's got that part taken care of."

"We definitely Twitter and I have a Web site and all those sort of things," said Niecy Nash. "At the end of the day you just try to appeal to people everyone."

"Dancing With the Stars" kicks off at 8 p.m. on ABC7.

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