UFC champ speaks on alleged domestic abuse

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. A visibly upset Ortiz let his attorney do most of the talking at Monday night's press conference. The 205-pound, 35-year-old mixed martial arts fighter was arrested Monday morning on charges of domestic violence against Jameson.

"I want to be quite clear. Tito Ortiz never laid a hand on Jenna, never," said Chip Matthews, Tito Ortiz's attorney. "We're here because unfortunately, Jenna Jameson has been facing and fighting a battle with Oxycontin addiction for well over a year."

Ortiz claims that Jameson, the mother of his 1-year-old twin sons, has spent time in rehab, had suicide calls to 911, and on Monday morning, Jameson had a relapse.

"Unfortunately this morning when Jenna relapsed and Tito confronted her and asked her about the drugs he had found, she denied it and had some emotional breakdown over it," said Matthews.

"My parents went through addiction and I see it in the mirror again, and I'm not going to let my family go through that. I speak from the heart," said Ortiz.

Police were called to the couple's Huntington Beach home by Jameson's father. Ortiz was taken into custody, booked and later released on $25,000 bail. Ortiz claims that he has been supporting Jameson and doing everything in his power to keep her drug addiction from the public for the sake of their kids.

"I hold everything dear to my heart that Jenna will be ok," said Ortiz.

Jameson, who retired from the adult film business in 2008, posted the following comment on her Twitter page Monday.

"I'm sorry to all of my fans, but I'm going to be quitting Twitter. I can't take any more abuse from ANYONE.. To my sweet fans...thank you."

As for the couple's future Matthews said that Ortiz wants to work things out with Jameson for the sake of their two children.

Police say they can't make an arrest on suspicion of domestic violence unless there is a visible injury on the victim. Jameson was photographed by the paparazzi Monday with a bandage on her right arm. Matthews said that Jameson had a scratch on her elbow, and it was not inflicted by Ortiz. Ortiz could be arraigned next week.

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