Pair of busts net more than 100 lbs. of meth

TORRANCE, Calif. Officers with the state's Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement raided a home in Torrance Wednesday night and arrested Jorge Gonzalez and his wife Sarah Altamirano.

Officers say once inside the house they found about 46 pounds of heroin, 38 pounds of meth, two pounds of cocaine and more than $33,000 in cash. A search of the couple's truck also found a suitcase containing 39 one-pound packages of powder heroin.

That bust followed a raid on a home on the 15000 block of Palmetto Street in Ontario, where agents arrested 42 year-old Marco Alejo and found 81 pounds of methamphetamine in an upstairs bedroom closet.

All three suspects are being held on $1 million bail.

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