Dubois family reaches out to Richardson family

DIAMOND BAR, Calif. "To not have your child home with you on their birthday is indescribable," said Dubois.

Richardson was released from police custody on September 17, 2009. She was arrested after she couldn't pay for a restaurant tab in Malibu.

Dubois searched for his 14-year-old daughter Amber for more than a year after she was abducted on the way to school last year. He learned she was murdered by John Gardner after he recently confessed.

"During those 386 days and all holidays that went by that year there was no more single painful day than the day of Amber's birthday," said Dubois. "I want to help people who are going through what we went through."

Dubois said he is compelled to help with a search for Richardson planned for June 5 and 6th.

"I cannot thank Mo Dubois enough for reaching out and coordinating with us to help find Mitrice and bring her home," said Sutton.

Richardson's family says in honor of her birthday they are asking the public to print out 25 missing person's flyers and post them in 25 businesses.

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