First triple 10s in 'Dancing With the Stars'

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LOS ANGELES /*Evan Lysacek*/ and his partner /*Anna Trebunskaya*/ scored the first perfect score of the season.

The hard work, including a difficult leg move that took more than two weeks to learn, paid off.

"I think the most satisfying thing is that we worked harder this week than we have all season, and we had more fun putting this routine together than we have all season," said Evan.

Evan, /*Niecy Nash*/ and /*Erin Andrews*/ got a score of 24 for the group cha-cha challenge.

The other team, featuring /*Pamela Anderson*/, /*Chad Ochocinco*/ and /*Nicole Scherzinger*/ earned 27 points for their dance.

This helped Nicole and her partner /*Derek Hough*/ tie for first place this week. After the show, Nicole indicated she'd like to win this competition.

"I mean, look. We didn't make our outfits after the Mirror Ball for nothing," said Nicole. "They are called the Mirror Ball outfits, so at least if we don't win it, I'm taking these puppies home."

With help from the group score, Chad and his partner /*Cheryl Burke*/ landed in third place, just two points from the lead.

"I'm continuing to get better. I'm putting in the time so that at some point, it has to show up, you know? Game day," said Chad.

Although Erin and her partner /*Maksim Chmerkovskiy*/ tied for second place with their individual dance, their group dance score knocked them down to being tied for fourth place, and Erin wasn't amused. She didn't even want to celebrate her 27 out of 30.

Pamela and her partner /*Damian Whitewood*/ were also tied for fourth. She upped her overall score with the group cha-cha.

"I love the group dance. That was so much fun. I was really nervous when I got all the choreography because I was thinking, 'Oh my gosh, how am I supposed to do all this?'" Pamela said.

Although the group dance score put her in last place, all three judges called Niecy's quickstep her best dance yet.

"Did you see me? I got a nine tonight!" Niecy exclaimed.

Just five points separated first and last place, which means any one of the couples can go home on Tuesday's elimination round.

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