Oregon inmates help save deputy's life

PORTLAND, Ore. The incident happened Friday afternoon. A deputy and two jail inmates were giving aid to a stranded motorist when deputy John Harlan doubled over with a sudden physical problem.

Instead of making a run for it, inmates Robert Parker and Michael Smith used the cell phone of the stranded motorist's cell phone to call 911. They also administered CPR with the help of the 911 dispatcher. A Good Samaritan who was a medical doctor also assisted with treatment until EMS arrived.

The deputy was transported to a nearby hospital. According to the ambulance crew, the two inmates' quick thinking and quick action helped to save Harlan's life.

The deputy is a 25-year veteran of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. Harlan is listed in guarded condition in the ICU.

As for the two inmates, one will get out of jail next week and the other in June.

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