'DWTS' elimination down to Andrews, Anderson

LOS ANGELES Their judges' scores were the same, but when America's vote was factored in, "the bomb" was dropped.

Pamela Anderson leaves "Dancing With the stars" with five celebrities before her gone and five others still in the competition.

She waltzes away a happy woman.

"It's definitely been a positive experience and lots of people have said great positive things," said Pamela. "So who knows what I'll make of all this but, yeah, it's been nice."

Pamela's partner calls her fantastic and grounded, and he was thrilled to be paired up with her for the experience.

"I just love the passion of ballroom dancing," said Pamela's partner, Damian Whitewood. "I love the art form. There's so much to it and I've been lucky enough to pass that on to Pamela, someone who's never danced before. Well, look what an amazing job she did. It's fantastic."

Chad Ochocinco calls Pamela very cool and down to earth.

Derek Hough says she's really hot. And his partner?

"She's just very kind and considerate of other people and the biggest thing I liked about her is that she kept it real," said Nicole Scherzinger. "She kept it to herself. She's very simple and she kept it real. What you see is what you get and I really respect her for that."

When asked what she will miss most, Pamela replied, "The cast. I mean, the dancers, the friendship. But we'll stay in touch."

The future?

"Just more fun stuff," said Pamela. "I'll find something else fun to do."

Five couples now remain. They'll each perform two individual dances on Monday.

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