'Iron Man 2' set to make 'Marvelous' return

LOS ANGELES "Iron Man 2" lands on the big screen on Friday and is expected to demolish the competition. The Marvel comics-inspired adventure is filled with big action and mind-blowing special effects. But it still manages to walk the fine line of maintaining a PG-13 rating.

"I am a very PG-friendly fellow. I don't know why," said Robert Downey Jr., the film's star. "I tended to think that way and even brought that into other jobs. Even with Sherlock (Holmes) I said 'Hey, let's not make this so that it prohibits a whole slew of our demographic from being able to attend."

The star says he enjoys bringing his own comic sense to his movies.

"I would be miserable because I would be cheating myself and the audience out of what I feel I'm hired to do, what anyone's hired to do, which is bring yourself fully and affectionately into your work," said Downey.

Working on this film is something Downey calls a "collective experience."

"Team Iron man is a little bit of a feathered fish and funky the way we work. But it's a little more inclusive and you can taste it. And kind of sense the spontaneity," said Downey.

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