Annette Bening back on big screen in 'Mother'

LOS ANGELES In "Mother and Child," Annette Bening plays a woman still struggling with her past. She was forced to give up the baby she had when she was a teenager and she's never really gotten over it. It has affected her entire adult life.

In the film Bening's character is difficult to like.

"No, that's true. That's the way she's written," said Bening. "As a young girl she got pregnant and gave her baby up for adoption. She was really traumatized by the experience. So she's a prickly, difficult person and I love that."

Aside from the hardships Bening's character is faced with, the actress says there are great life lessons to be taken from this film.

"And there's a lot of growth and evolution in the movie, too, which I love," said Bening. "People learn things and people change. People are taken through life experiences that have paralyzed them and come to an understanding, and can connect with each other."

"Mother and Child" has an adoption theme with connecting storylines involving characters played by Naomi Watts and Kerry Washington.

The nature of the storyline will no doubt spark a lot of conversation.

"I hope that's true. I think that's the best," said Bening. "I love when I go to see something and I want to have a conversation about it."

"Mother and Child" is rated-R.

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