Teen allegedly pours boiling water on IE girl

HEMET, Calif. "When I got to her she was in the shower and soon as I looked at her and seen how bad she was I told the neighbor to call the police and the paramedics because she needed medical attention right away," said the victim's mother, Cayleen Childress.

Cayleen was relating how her 9-year-old daughter suffered burns last Thursday. The incident occurred outside of an apartment in Hemet. A resident at the apartment sold candy to children in the neighborhood. Last Thursday the candy man was not home but two teenage boys were. Jessica and two friends went to the door.

"I went to the house to go buy candy with my friend," said the burn victim, Jessica Childress. "And me and my friend went and they only gave my friends it, but not me. And then I got mad and I went to go get a water bottle and I threw it at the door and then the guy came after me and threw the hot water on me."

Jessica then ran to a friend's apartment.

"I ran to my friend's house and she put me in the shower. Cold shower," said Jessica.

Paramedics were called. Jessica spent three days in the burn ward at /*Arrowhead Regional Medical Center*/. Hemet police and the juvenile division of the /*Riverside District Attorney's Office*/ are still investigating.

"At this point, they turned the preliminary investigation over to the juvenile probation department, who makes determination on ultimate charges to be filed," said Hemet Police Lt. Duane Wisehart.

Jessica is very firm on her feelings about what should be done to the teenage boys involved.

"They should go to jail for what they did to me," said Jessica.

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