Ex-teacher gets 2 years for sex with student

BURBANK, Calif. Amy Beck, 33, will also have to spend the rest of her life as a /*registered sex offender*/. Four of the six counts Beck was facing were dropped under a plea deal.

In court, the sixth-grade teacher cast her eyes downward, looking at times like she was meditating, as the judge spelled out her sentence. Her sentence includes three years of parole, and she's been ordered to have no contact with the victim.

Her attorney, Michael Williamson, said Beck will pay for actions for the rest of her life.

"Her career as model teacher, a teacher of any type, is gone. Her life living the American dream, the middle-class wife married to a police officer, has come to an end," Williamson said. "Her life is irreparably changed."

Beck has been in jail since March when she walked into a police station with her lawyer by her side and confessed. About a week earlier, she had resigned, telling the school she was moving out of town.

Beck is married to an LAPD officer and a mother of three children. She had been teaching at David Starr Jordan Middle School for 10 years.

Beck told police the affair started last year in March 2009 when the student was 14. He was not her student at the time of the affair. It continued for about six months, and the school knew nothing of the sexual relationship between the student and teacher.

Beck's bail was initially set at $400,000, but it was lowered to $175,000. However, she declined any option to leave jail.

Williamson said Beck's spirits were high and that she was in constant communication with her family.

"All in all, she's doing quite well," he said.

A police investigation determined that Beck was only involved with the one student. She had no sexual contact with any other child.

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