'Iron Man 2' director: 'Film what you break'

LOS ANGELES /*Favreau*/ punches up a few scenes as "Iron Man's" right hand man. His cast says he's the kind of director who makes an easy going, collaborative work environment.

"On the set I try to create a sense that any idea will be explored. It's got to feel right," said Favreau. "All the while I have my eye on the big picture. I know what has to happen in the next scene. But if there is a better way to do it we'll find that other way to bring certain spontaneity to it."

And in "Iron Man" that spontaneity often includes breaking things, like glass.

"Yeah, I do. When you build a set, you're building it, and when you're done they break it anyway. So why not film it," said Favreau. "People always say, 'Oh that is so wasteful.' It is quite the opposite. It's frugal. If you're going to break it, film it!"

Favreau started out in small independent films as an actor, writer and director. Then came "Iron Man" in 2008, and that changed everything.

"I guess the biggest way my life has changed is that I know now for the first time in 20-years that I will work," said Favreau. "And as self-evident as that sounds, when you start off as an actor and you're living on a couch, bartending, doing what you have to do to survive, to know that you're going to have a predictable career is an incredibly fulfilling accomplishment."

"Iron Man 2" is in theaters now.

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