Paltrow's fan base expands after 'Iron Man'

LOS ANGELES When watching /*Gwyneth Paltrow*/ and /*Robert Downey Jr.*/ on screen in "Iron Man 2" you feel as if you are watching actors from a 1940s film.

"Yeah, in fact, when we came to the first movie there was no script to read. I had to go on faith," said Paltrow. "Robert and John said, 'We want the Pepper and Tony relationship to sizzle and recall the old movies from 40.' They wanted it to be sexually charged and have that fun dynamic."

One thing that becomes very apparent throughout the film is that all of the women are very strong.

"I think it's very smart to have strong, intelligent and morally centered women in a film," said Paltrow. "That combined with the romance, action and the bad guys, it goes across the board. There's something for everybody."

And that "everybody" has meant Paltrow's fan base has expanded. She got to meet several of those new fans on a recent trip to the toy store with her kids.

"It was incredible how many young men came up and said, 'We're so excited for 'Iron Man 2,'" said Paltrow. "Normally it is women. I was more known for period dramas. Now I'm big with the teenagers. It's good."

"Iron Man 2" is in theaters now.

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