Thieves rob school on teacher appreciation wk

EAST LOS ANGELES But this morning the week of smiles turned to frowns after someone broke into the school overnight and stole projection machines, a laptop computer, a camera and several other items. The hardest hit area was the school's Wonder of Reading Library.

"When we are here to try to celebrate a special day, to give a little something back to our teachers for all the work that they do, it really puts a damper on the day," said Principal Agustin Gonzalez.

Officials said the bandits broke open a screen attached to a window in the library before going in and making off with more than $4,000 in equipment. Several class rooms were also broken into.

"We are struggling with money to purchase electronics and computer equipment, so when this happens it does set us back," said Assistant Principal Maria De-La-Torre.

Since it was teacher appreciation week, school officials had put together a slideshow presentation to honor all the hard work that teachers put in during the school year. Students and faculty were going to go to the library to watch the presentation, but since the projectors were stolen they couldn't.

Most of the kids could come here and stay here. That's because they don't have those resources at home. They come here to use them, but no they will no longer be able to," said Veronica Garcia, the school librarian.

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