Neiers pleads in 'Burglar Bunch' Bloom theft

LOS ANGELES Alexis Neiers entered her plea just as her trial was set to begin. Orlando Bloom had been expected to testify.

Neiers will serve time behind bars, but the term was shortened. She won't be mingling with the hardcore inmate population. She will receive three years' probation. Her attorneys say they got the deal because she was a minor player in the "/*Burglar Bunch*/."

Neiers, 18, is an aspiring model and a reality TV starlet. Even her appearances at the courthouse will be part of a show called "Pretty Wild." Neiers will soon be headed for jail.

Neiers pleaded no contest to avoid what would have been a difficult trial with evidence stacked against her.

Neiers was accused as one in a gang of teens who staked out star homes, then stole cash and jewelry. Neiers confessed she was at the home of actor Orlando Bloom during one break-in. And Monday, Bloom himself was ready to testify against her.

"Orlando Bloom's willingness to come testify did not help our case," said Neiers' attorney, Jeffrey J. Rubenstein.

"She was a part of the group," said L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Sarika Kim. "She admitted guilt today to burglarizing Orlando Bloom's house. She was a cog in the '/*Bling Ring*/.'"

Surveillance pictures show some of five other defendants who are charged with multiple felonies. But Neiers was only at Bloom's house.

Had Neiers stood trial and lost, she would have faced as many as six years in state prison. Instead, it will be six months in county jail.

"It's been a long road, and Alexis is looking forward to moving on with her life," said Rubenstein.

There remains the matter of restitution. Bloom had two watches stolen, each worth $200,000 each. Neiers says she does not have them but she may still have to pay for them. As for jail time, Neiers is ordered to turn herself in by June 24.

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