Mind-body changes on 'Dancing With the Stars'

LOS ANGELES Celebrities on season 10 of "/*Dancing With the Stars*/" have worked hard to get where they are these past eight weeks, and in that time, they've seen lots of changes.

Olympic figure skater /*Evan Lysacek*/ said that his confidence has changed the most from the competition, and his dance partner /*Anna Trebunskaya*/ agreed.

"Yeah, absolutely. I think tonight was sort of the testimony to it. He went out there, he was the alpha male, and that paid off," Trebunskaya said.

Pussycat Dolls star /*Nicole Scherzinger*/ said she thinks her state of mind changed the most from the weeks of heavy competition.

"I'm still learning so much and it's like, when you work so hard and you kind of get exhausted, mentally exhausted, it's better because you just get a strength from somewhere else, somewhere deeper and you just get stronger, mentally and if you're mentally here, you're mentally stronger physically and everywhere else," Scherzinger.

Actress /*Niecy Nash*/ felt that her score last week has given her the strength and confidence she needs to win.

"I got a nine, and you know who else got nines in this competition? Pussycat Dolls, Olympic champions and me," Nash said.

Football star /*Chad Ochocinco*/ said he feels he's "scored" with all his efforts on the dance floor.

"I'm in a more comfortable state of mind on, which I call "game day" today," said Ochocinco, who added that as body changes go, he's lost four pounds since starting the show.

Ochocinco's dance partner /*Cheryl Burke*/ said she believes Ochocinco's confidence on the dance floor has visibly increased.

"I think his confidence has completely changed. I think he came from coming here totally a stranger in this world and now he's on the ballroom floor like he's on the football field," Burke said.

The final five have a major challenge tonight. They'll each perform two full dances.

The show gets underway tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC7. Tuesday night another couple will be going home.

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