Cajun Kate rattles Reggie's gator cage

LOS ANGELES If ever a gator was made for /*Hollywood*/, it's Reggie the alligator. Reggie popped up in an L.A. lake five years ago. He dodged trappers for two years, and when he was finally caught, he prompted a freeway caravan. He even busted out of his /*L.A. Zoo*/ exhibit.

Reggie's story has made him the most popular alligator in town. So popular, that the curator of reptiles and amphibians at the L.A. Zoo, Ian Recchio, thought Reggie needed a gal pal on his arm.

Reggie's new date, /*Cajun Kate*/, drew much attention to the zoo, luring camera crews, local politicians and even a Cajun band.

The last date the zoo set up for Reggie didn't turn out so well.

"There was a little bit of biting, tail whipping, growling, bellowing and a lot of bluffing mouth opening gestures," described Recchio.

The last few days haven't been much better. Cajun Kate now calls the all the shots in what used to be Reggie's bachelor pad.

Cajun Kate's age and size might have something to do with it. She is nearly 40 years old, whereas Reggie is only in his late teens, and Kate weighs about 20 pounds more than Reggie.

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