Colton mother killed at San Bernardino party

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. According to investigators, Tuesday afternoon there was a friendly get-together of friends and acquaintances at 832 W. 7th Street in San Bernardino. At some point a heated dispute arose that led to a physical confrontation.

"There was an argument amongst friends, which escalated into a fight and resulted in the shooting," said San Bernardino Police Sgt. Tom Bielaszka.

One of the people involved in the dispute left and returned with 34-year-old Deena Serrano of Colton.

Shots were fired inside the house. Serrano was hit. She was taken to an area hospital. She did not survive.

"There was a dispute with her daughter and a friend of her daughter's," said Bielaszka. "The daughter left the residence and returned with her mother and some other friends, and another disturbance occurred."

San Bernardino Police responded quickly. They called on residents inside the house to come out. There was no response for over four hours. The SWAT team was called to the scene.

Finally, six minors and three adults came out of the house, and after questioning, Luis Gonzales, 39, was arrested for the shooting. Police say two guns were recovered.

Many area residents were evacuated during the night-long standoff. They were very surprised.

"They were very calm, the neighbors. We never had seen any bad arguments with them, and it's sad because we don't know what happened," said a neighbor.

At the Serrano residence, family members and friends gathered to pay their respects. A number of officers with the San Bernardino and Colton police departments took two young men in for questioning.

A San Bernardino Police spokesperson said the two men were at the scene when the shooting occurred, but they were taken into custody on another matter, for violation of parole. The case is proceeding to the San Bernardino District Attorney's Office.

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