Blanchett exerts force in 'Robin Hood' role

LOS ANGELES Cate Blanchett is the basically the lone female voice in the testosterone filled crowd of the action adventure film "Robin Hood."

Her leading man, Russell Crowe, is a fellow Australian. And even though both actors are from Down Under it doesn't mean they were close pals before this film.

"You become invested in each other's work in a strong way, but we'd never worked together," said Blanchett. "I'd known Russell a little bit, but the best way to get to know someone is to work with them."

"Robin Hood" also marked Blanchett's firs time working with director Ridley Scott. She'd been a long admirer of his work.

"'Thelma and Louise' was life changing film for me," said Blanchett. "I have been a huge fan of his. To be on set with him is fantastic. He's an astonishing force of nature."

Blanchett exerted her own force when it came to playing Maid Marion. She did not want the character to be a helpless woman. And her director agreed.

"That was very much Ridley's take on the whole Maid Marion thing," said Blanchett. "She wasn't going to be there screaming in the background. I threatened to count the number of screams that I had to do. It was great. It was like a fantastic summer camp."

"Robin Hood" is rated PG-13 and is in theaters this weekend.

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