Melting snow brings SoCal waterfalls to life

FOREST FALLS, Calif. Visitors flock to Southland's waterfalls each spring.

"It's always there, it's always beautiful, but this winter we had a really hard winter and we had more snow than we've had in the last three or four years, and in the next week or so the high snows are going to be melting and that fall is going to be spectacular. It's going to be really pretty," described /*Forest Falls*/ resident Elaine Enders.

There are many waterfalls in Southern California that offer nature lovers this year their best opportunity in years to view nature putting on a show.

Big Falls and Forest Falls are good examples.

"People should come and see this. It is just beautiful. The air is gorgeous, and we watch in the water, we walk down to the water. We're going to walk down to the falls and do some hiking today and explore where we live," said Dottie Tarshis, who is visiting the falls.

At the bottom of most Southern California waterfalls, hiking trails make is rather easy to find a spot to enjoy the spectacle.

That's where Chase Litchfield and his son Gunnar are heading. Litchfield feels that his son someday will bring his family to this spot. He's sure the falls will be here.

"There's always been a fall falling here, ever since the beginning of time I'm sure. Sometimes with the light snow, it'll go down a little bit, but it always comes back," Chase said.

Here are several waterfalls in Southern California you can visit come spring.

Big Falls is located in the /*San Bernardino National Forest*/, near Forest Falls east of Redlands. It is a multi-tiered waterfall and is approximately 500 feet tall. It is known as the tallest waterfall in Southern California.

Bonita Falls is located in Lytle Creek, northwest of Fontana. It is a multi-tiered waterfall is approximately 400 feet tall. It's known as the second tallest waterfall in Southern California.

Heart Rock Falls, also known as Seeley Creek Falls, is located in the Valley of Enchantment near Crestline. The waterfall itself is only 20 feet tall, but many visit its namesake heart-shaped carving adjacent to the fall.

Tahquitz Falls is located in Palm Springs and is part of the greater Tahquitz Canyon. The main trail leading to the canyon gains about 350 feet in elevation with steep, rocky steps.

Seven Sisters is located in the Indian Canyons near Palm Springs. This cluster of waterfalls is located on the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation in Murray Canyon.

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