Slain teen's mother seeks answers from killer

LOS ANGELES For /*Carry McGonigle*/, meeting face-to-face with the man convicted of raping and killing her 14-year-old daughter /*Amber Dubois*/ had to be nothing short of gut wrenching.

A year and a half after her daughter was murdered, McGonigle says she is finally at peace.

"I really have closure. I really do. It is 15 months, and I can sleep at night," McGonigle said.

McGonigle met face-to-face with /*John Gardner*/ for 30 minutes at the jail Wednesday afternoon. She has long said she wanted to know how Gardner abducted her young daughter right in front of her school.

For now, she is not saying what Gardner told her out of respect for Amber's father who is not ready to hear the details. But eventually, she will have what she calls a lesson for all parents.

"I will tell the public after the family knows. I will tell the public because I do want parents out there to be able to protect their children," McGonigle said.

Last month, Gardner admitted to the murders of Dubois, and 17-year-old /*Chelsea King*/, avoiding a possible death sentence. Friday, he'll be sentenced to life in prison. Family members and a female jogger who survived his attack, are expected to speak out in court.

Also, supporters are planning to bring lilies to the courthouse in honor of Amber and sunflowers in memory of Chelsea.

"That's awesome. I applaud everyone for doing that," said McGonigle.

Mcgonigle says she doesn't recall Gardner saying he was sorry during the visit, and she isn't sure if he was remorseful because she never looked him in the eye. However, after speaking with him, McGonigle says she does know what to say at Friday's sentencing.

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