Out-of-control Jeep plows into Downey home

DOWNEY, Calif. Police said the /*Jeep*/ was traveling southbound on Brookshire Avenue when the driver lost control at the intersection of Stewart and Gray Road just before 2 a.m. The SUV skidded off the road and plowed through the front bedroom of a home on the 11900 block of Brookshire Avenue.

"It pushed the bedroom contents up against the back wall," said Battalion Chief Chuck Seely of the /*Downey Fire Department*/.

A man and his young daughter were asleep in the house at the time. They were taken to a local hospital for minor injuries and are expected to be OK. The mother of the home was at the hospital at the time of the accident because she had just given birth on Thursday.

Witnesses said the driver tried to run away after the crash, but neighbors stopped him. He was taken into police custody and may face charges. He is suspect of driving under the influence.

The house has since been boarded up.

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