Review: 'Robin Hood' is fresh, action-packed

LOS ANGELES Oscar-winning actor /*Russell Crowe*/ and his "Gladiator" director, Ridley Scott, take on the legend of "Robin Hood"-- but with a twist.

The story shows you how it all began and how Robin Longstride became "Robin Hood."

Russell Crowe is outstanding. /*Cate Blachett*/, as Marion, is strong and fun to watch. And the Merry Men add some levity to a sometimes tough story to watch unfold.

If you've seen "Robin Hood" in any of its prior forms, this should still feel completely fresh. There is plenty of fighting and it's visceral in a PG-13 rated way.

My only complaint is that I did get lost in the storyline a little bit, and I was paying attention. I loved the ending of the film and I found myself already looking forward to a sequel.

And if you'd like something gentler there's "Letters to Juliet." It's aimed at a female audience so guys may need a little coaxing into the theater. The movie is innocent, tender, loving and worth seeing.

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