Publicist leaves showbiz for Mother Nature

Sat., March 20, 2010, 6:30 p.m.

You could say Shive divorced Hollywood and started going out with Mother Nature. His book, "The National Parks: Our American Landscape" features many photos taken in California's great national parks.

He's now living on cloud nine. The publicist turned photographer now takes pictures instead of publicizing them.

As a publicist for Columbia Pictures, Ian worked on all three "Spider-Man" movies and dozens of other films. These days, his life is more about spider webs than "Spider-Man."

"It was quite a change to go from the red carpet and working, you know, premiere lines and then all of a sudden you're by yourself on a sand dune in the middle of nowhere," said the nature photographer.

Ian crossed the country taking photographs. The result is a book featuring four years worth of images that offer you a glimpse at some of our country's natural beauties.

"The best message for my book, really, is that I'm sharing a place and I'm sharing an experience with people, but I want it to be real. I don't want it to be artificial," said Ian. "You know when you're in the outdoors, I think it's important to have a certain standard that really the outdoors speak for themselves and I really wanted to really reflect that."

Ian's book, "The National Parks: Our American Landscape," includes mostly photographs he took while on assignment for National Parks magazine.

He is now spending some time talking about his experiences, and autographing his work.

Ian is giving a good chunk of the book's proceeds right back to the parks.

"The parks are just almost like a fairy tale. You know, everything you see, the colors, you just -- where else can you see this stuff?" asks Ian.

Ian's national park photos take us into the mountains and among nature's creatures. We see views of canyons and what lies beneath.

For Ian, what lies ahead is more photography. Hollywood is now just a chapter in a life he's devoting to pictures that you won't see at a theater near you.

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