Santa Ana neighborhood stuck with toxic water

Diamond Park, Calif. Alarming levels of nitrate has been found in the well water that serves 77 homes and apartment.

The state of California has called the water unsafe and contaminated.

Diamond Park resident George Lopez won't even give the water to his dog.

"I have to buy water for me and the family," Lopez said. "Not only that but the dog, can't even give him the water shoots through here."

Lopez also mentioned that cleaning clothes was nearly impossible because of the water.

Santa Ana's public works director says that an arrangement has been worked out with state to connect the homes in Diamond Park to the city's water pipes.

"I directed my staff to prepare all the plans and specifications," Director Raul Godinez said. "As soon as we hear more from the state we will start the project. We'll front the money and get reimbursed for it later."

Residents say they will believe it when they see the city working to fix the problem.

Once the state approves the appropriate paper work it will take around six months for construction.

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