John Gardner may be linked to other assaults


/*Gardner*/ spoke with investigators after being sentenced Friday to two consecutive life prison terms plus 49 years for the 2009 rape and murders of /*Amber Dubois*/, 14, and /*Chelsea King*/, 17.

According to /*San Diego County Sheriff*/'s Lt. Dennis Brugos, a post-sentencing interrogation suggested that Garner is linked to other unsolved crimes.

"We do believe based on what he's told us that he may be involved in other criminal activity," said Brugos. "We're looking at him actually for all missing persons cases for females in the range of early teens through early 20s from three different counties."

Brugos said police are examining cases in /*San Diego*/, /*Riverside*/ and possibly /*San Bernardino*/ counties.

Two days before the sentencing Amber's mother sat face to face with Gardner to ask why her daughter had to be one of those people. Monday, /*Carrie McGonigle*/ appeared on "/*Good Morning America*/" and told Robin Roberts that she will never forget Gardner's heinous crimes, but she can forgive.

"I truly forgive because I don't want to be angry, hold on to all that anger and all that hate. I was angry for 15 months," said McGonigle.

McGonigle said that Gardner told her about how he trapped her daughter on a fenced street and forced her into his car. McGonigle said that Amber took a different route to school that day and became trapped when Gardner followed her onto the Escondido Street and threatened her that if she did not get into his car, it could be "a lot worse for her.

San Diego authorities have formed a special task force made up of 30 personnel from nine different agencies that will continue investigating whether Gardner was involved in any other assaults or slayings.

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