Wildomar student caught with racist fliers

WILDOMAR, Calif. It's not the kind of literature you'd expect kids to get their hands on at school. But a racist flyer is exactly what one student handed out to a number of his classmates.

The two-sided flyer contains a number of racist slurs aimed at African-Americans. The "N" word is used 105 times. Even though in very small print it says, "This manual is a joke and is for entertainment purposes only."

Parents of students at the school aren't laughing.

"That's terrible," said parent Doreen West.

"What can I say, it's wrong, it's not right," said Jim Cruce, a grandparent of a student.

"Very offensive, I can't even believe this. This is going around school?" said parent Joe Mora.

The school district only believes fliers were given to a number of students, about 20 or so. They say it's an isolated incident.

But school counselor Cameron Lymon says this could actually be a chance for the school to come together.

"Our foundation here is strong in terms of unity and relationships, so this would be a bump in the road, and then we go back to doing business as usual," said Lymon.

"We do believe it's an isolated incident and we have identified the student and are moving forward with the proper discipline," said Jose Carvajal, spokesperson for the /*Lake Elsinore Unified School District*/.

"I think the kid needs to be expelled at minimum, and maybe somebody needs to talk to him to find out where this is all coming from," said Jim Cruce.

"I really think expulsion," said Mora. "I think it's dangerous. A child, someone could lose their life over this."

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