Police nab tow truck driver for bank robbery

TEMECULA, Calif. /*Temecula police*/ arrested 55-year-old Robert Yoder by setting up a sting, calling for a fake tow service.

On March 29, a man wearing sunglasses walked into a /*Bank of American*/ on Ynez Road and handed a demand note to the teller, brandishing a handgun.

The suspect walked out with $1,421 in a zippered pouch.

Witnesses told officers they saw the robber run across the parking lot toward a gas station.

When investigators looked at surveillance video, they noticed a tow truck pull out from behind the gas station. Investigators traced the truck to a business in /*Escondido*/ and contacted the company.

When they showed the owner a security camera image of the robber, according to court documents, the owner told police, "Oh, geez, yup that's Robert."

When Yoder was back in the Temecula area, at the request of police, the company dispatcher sent him on a phony call.

When Yoder arrived at Ynez and Winchester roads, police investigators were waiting for him.

Inside a compartment in his truck, investigators found $1,390 in a red tool box.

Yoder has been charged with robbery and is being held on $25,000 bail. He's schedule to appear in court, June 4.

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