Lohan ordered to attend probation hearing

LOS ANGELES Eyewitness News has confirmed through Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, that the actress will not be at the courthouse to attend the mandatory hearing on Thursday because she is stranded in France without a passport.

Lohan was photographed Tuesday on a yacht heading to Cannes. Holley says the actress was attending the Cannes Film Festival, but someone stole her passport.

Lohan claims she went to the airport on Tuesday and tried to get on a flight without a passport, but she was denied boarding.

The 23-year-old has an appointment at the U.S. Embassy on Thursday to get a replacement passport so she can fly home.

The court hearing in Beverly Hills Thursday is to determine whether Lohan is complying with her probation sentence for a drunk driving case in 2007.

Superior Court Judge Marsha N. Revel warned Lohan back in October that she would send her to jail if she failed to attend weekly alcohol counseling programs.

Lohan has missed some of those meetings. She was arrested twice in 2007 for DUI. In the second incident she was also charged with cocaine possession and was sentenced to three years probation.

Now Lohan could face jail time by missing Thursday's hearing. Legal experts say it is really up to the judge's discretion.

"Because the judge wanted her to complete her alcohol education classes by tomorrow, and presumably she has not done that, she has violated not only the judge's order to be present in court, but also to complete those alcohol programs. She can incarcerate her. She could punish her for not doing it in time," said Dana Cole, ABC News legal analyst."

Holley says she will be in court Thursday representing Lohan. She says the actress has attended some make-up alcohol counseling sessions.

Meanwhile, the treatment school has filed a favorable report with the court.

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