Arrest warrant for Lindsay Lohan recalled

LOS ANGELES Los Angeles Superior Court spokesman Allan Parachini said a bond was posted for Lohan later Thursday, and the warrant was recalled. Bail was set at $100,000.

/*Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel*/ issued the warrant after the 23-year-old actress missed a mandatory hearing Thursday morning. She was due in court for a progress report on her probation stemming from two arrests in 2007.

According to Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, the celebrity's passport was stolen in France while she was at the Cannes Film Festival.

"She has filled out police reports in Cannes. She went to the U.S. Embassy this morning and got a temporary passport," said Holley. "She intends to fly back to Los Angeles at the earliest possible time."

Lohan's attorney says that the actress made a valid attempt to get back to Los Angeles.

"She went to the airport with every intention of not only making it for court, but for the alcohol program and they would not let her on the plane," said Holley.

Unfortunately, that was not good enough for Judge Revel who appeared tired of Lohan's antics. She says Lohan has a history of missing appointments, including her alcohol education courses that are part of her probation for her 2007 DUI conviction.

And because there are indications Lohan may be in violation of her probation she issued an order for her arrest.

"She was ordered to be here. She was ordered to be here at 8:30. She is not here. There is no valid excuse," said Judge Revel. "So at this time the court is going to issue a warrant and probation is revoked. Right now the court is going to set bail in the amount of $100,000."

In an interview before she left for France, Lohan said she is trying to comply with the court.

"I have been in compliance more than ever," said Lohan. "It would take me about two-and-a-half weeks to be finished completely. I think it should go well."

The judge says Lohan's behavior could indicate substance abuse, but her attorney disagrees.

"I don't agree with that. I do not think it indicates that," said Holley. "The judge says we will have a probation violation hearing and get to the bottom of it."

Michael Lohan, the celebrity's father, is concerned.

"I love my daughter and I just want her to get better," said Mr. Lohan. "I do not think jail is the right place for her, but she has got to understand that this is a serious problem."

It is unclear how long her jail sentence would be if and when she is booked upon her return.

When Judge Revel revoked Lohan's probation and issued the arrest warrant, she imposed several conditions should Lohan make bail. She will be prohibited from drinking any alcohol, required to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet and submit to random weekly drug testing.

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