'Sex and the City 2' cast spills 'Big' secrets

LOS ANGELES "Every woman I know who's seen this movie is going to walk out going, 'The Dane, he's the Great Dane,'" said director Michael Patrick King as he described actor Max Ryan's role in the film. He later shares that Ryan will have one of the women of "Sex and the City 2." The film's writer-director says Ryan is one to watch.

Also to watch is Sarah Jessica Parker maneuver through this movie in heels, no matter where she is.

"I am wearing Yves St. Laurent heels, tromping through the dunes of the Sahara and I said, 'I will not take them off, they make my posture better,'" said Parker.

'Better' is a good way to describe where Cynthia Nixon's "Miranda" character is in her life this time around.

"She has found the joy in her marriage and she's having trouble in the work place but she's decided that she's going to solve that one too," said Nixon.

Fans will once again be faced with the "big" question of who should be the lead character in Carrie Bradshaw's life as Aiden appears in the picture again.

"It's really my version of 'release the cracking, release the Aiden,'" said King.

What the man who plays Big won't release surprisingly is his wardrobe.

"I have it in my contract that I get to keep the clothes. I'm not a fastidious dresser. I'm not known to be but if I can try and emulate him, then I will," said Chris Noth who plays "Big."

The women of "Sex and the City" love to dress up and often look great but some of the outfits in the film are questionable.

"That came off a drag queen's back," said Kim Catrell of a drag queen's gown worn by Samantha. The gown was spotted by costume designer Patricia Field.

"She saw it on this drag queen and she literally said, 'I need that for a scene for one of my girls on 'Sex and the City,'' and I had a fitting the next day," said Catrell.

"I have to be in that scene next to her," said Kristen Davis who plays Charlotte. "It was dangerous. I was scared of those spikes because at one point we hug and I was like, 'ahhh!"

Sex and the City opens in theaters May 27.

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