Amgen bike race winds through Big Bear

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. The 135-mile stage traversed the San Bernardino Mountains, along Highway 18 through the Arctic Circle, then around Big Bear Lake to the finish.

Fans came from all over to watch.

"We're really happy they brought it up here, it will be a good race, and good race for the fans," said Greg Overbeck.

Overbeck says he hasn't been to big bear in more than 20 years and the Amgen Tour is the only reason he's up here.

So besides a stimulating finish to this stage of the race, the race itself is stimulating the local economy.

"Definitely, we are spending our money here," said Overbeck.

It's welcome news for Alexa Murray, who runs an art gallery. She says she needs a good weekend.

"Well everybody does, just like a millionaire needs another million dollars, we need it desperately, it's been slow," said Murrary.

There's also been a lot of talk about Lance Armstrong, who crashed Thursday and pulled out of race. Then there's word that he might have cheated by using dope, at least that's what Floyd Landis is saying.

Some aren't so sure about that.

"I'm hoping we can get past the doping issues, like baseball and football, and focus on the enjoyment of cycling," said Jeff Box.

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