Strange weather brings high surf to the coast

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. Huge waves and strong rip currents are keeping the most experienced surfers on dry land.

The high surf attracted several spectators and many were bundled up because of the chilly air.

"It's very cold today," spectator Shelly Beck said. "Last week it was summer and now it's winter."

Waves were as big at 10 feet high and lifeguards advised that everyone stay out of the water Sunday. Those brave few who hit the water early Sunday morning didn't stay out long.

"It was pretty scary when the sets came," surfer Angelo Luhrsun said. "I just didn't want to get caught inside because it's kind of crazy out there."

Last summer a man was killed while body surfing at The Wedge in /*Newport Beach*/ when he was thrown against the rocks by massive swells.

Sunday's swells were not a big but just as dangerous.

"The south swell is just so big," surfer Conor Beatty said. "The north winds pushing it so crazy, it just makes all this chop in the water. It makes it hard to surf."

The view from the sand was enough excitement for most visitors.

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