'Dancing' celebs say their fan base is bigger

LOS ANGELES "It's the greatest thing, all of America is suddenly my family," said Pussycat Dolls star /*Nicole Scherzinger*/. "My driver this morning told me his family in Buffalo was rooting for me."

If you aren't a sports fan then you probably didn't know who ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was just a few months ago. The celebrity says her demographic has now changed completely.

"Yeah, unfortunately it changed when everything happened to me last summer. They knew me for the wrong reasons. Now they know who I am for the right reasons," said Andrews. "I came out here and I wasn't afraid. I want to change a lot of things with violence against women. My demographic has changed."

Olympic figure skater /*Evan Lysacek*/ hopes he's spun his skating fans into "Dancing" fans.

"A lot of my fans are teenagers and I didn't know if they'd watch this show. Now they do and they are loyal followers," said Lysacek. "They tweet me and it's cool to be able to talk to them about this. They're into dance now and to bring that demographic to the show is kind of fun for me."

You can catch all of the "Dancing" action Monday starting at 8 p.m.

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