Do-it-yourself Web site makes projects easy

LOS ANGELES Building a safety barrier on her son's crib is just one of many projects Erin Kapczynski has completed on her Santa Monica home.

She is obviously very proud and she should be since she did all of the work by herself.

Mostly child proofing for her very active son, the kitchen now has locks everywhere. And the second floor landing is an enclosed play area with locking gate and Plexiglas panels attached to the railing.

"He actually started climbing onto the different levels so they had to be covered up," said Kapczynski. "This was just Plexiglas made to fit. It was cut with a regular box cutter and screwed in very carefully."

In case you were wondering Kapczynski had no experience in construction before this. But what she does have is a Web site to help her called

"I think women like to see other women doing things that they can do to show them that they can easily do it themselves," said Suzanne Horton, spokesperson for

Horton is also a former custom home builder. So she does know her way around a toolbelt, even if it is pink.

"Every woman should have a power tool. I believe that." said Horton. "They should be able to drill as quickly so they can get a painting up on the wall or secure a cabinet. They just need some quick training and that is what we do on our site."

Although Horton doesn't come to your home she did visit with Kapczynski for the sake of our story and gave her a lesson on repairing a hole in the wall.

But for the rest of us going to is the best way to get help. Kapczynski used it while we were at her house to install a refrigerator lock.

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