Supporters of immigration law protest boycott

LOS ANGELES Protesters called the actions taken by the city council irresponsible and out of bounds.

"It sends out a huge message in the country that somehow this is an acceptable thing to do," said protester and /*Tea Party*/ member Tony Catz. "This is political hackery at its finest, and the people of Los Angeles won't stand for it. All colors, all creeds, all sexes - we are not going to stand for it. We want a safe, lawful Los Angeles. We believe in a safe and lawful Arizona. We believe in strong borders and we believe in a strong America."

"Never before have I seen in my 62 years the level of racism that is taking place from the opposite side of the fence. And so for these politicians to make such irresponsible statements are putting people in danger," said David Hernandez, a supporter of /*Arizona's immigration law*/.

The city council voted 13-1 May 12 -- with Councilman Greig Smith dissenting -- to approve an economic boycott of Arizona in hopes of pressuring the state into repealing /*Senate Bill 1070*/.

The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act makes it illegal to be in Arizona without proper documentation. It authorizes local law enforcement to investigate a person's immigration status whenever there is a reasonable suspicion that the individual is in the country illegally.

However, it bars solely using race, color, or national origin to question suspected illegal immigrants.

Gary Aminoff, first vice chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, helped organize the rally with members of L.A.'s Tea Party. He said he does not think the council will rescind the boycott because of the protest, but he wants the city council to know there are people in L.A. who don't agree with the decision to boycott Arizona.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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