Cool Kid makes girls' prom dreams a reality

LOS ANGELES /*Cool Kid*/ Melody Schmidt collects formal gowns to give to those girls who might not otherwise be able to afford them. She knows it will help make their prom memories very special.

"I know that's something they'll now be able to have and be able to remember that throughout their lives , and I'm just really glad to have been a part of that," Melody said.

In addition to the gowns, Melody collects clothes for needy families. It's all a part of a bigger plan.

"Our bigger potential goal is to have a community closet, where we can permanently set things up and constantly accept donations and having people come in to get their stuff," Melody said.

The women who coordinate giving the girls their prom dresses can see how much it means to them.

"To have a dress that suits every girl's wish for the day to look beautiful, to have all the dresses for them and to be able to choose through is amazing," said volunteer Jennifer Parker.

Melody's future is pointed toward a career that will give her more ways to help others.

"Either a psychologist maybe with a law background for abused or foster children to hope they end up in a safe environment," Melody described.

Prom night can be a dream night for a girl. Cool Kid Melody Schmidt wants to make it a reality.

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