Rip Taylor shows off a new side of comedy

LOS ANGELES In "It Ain't All Confetti," Rip Taylor tells us how he came to be such a larger-than-life figure in show business. Even though he's quick with a joke, he admits his life wasn't always easy.

"I have three nuns tearing confetti while we're doing the show for the next show. It's wonderful," said Taylor. "The story is about a survivor that I happen to be. No one knows the little intrigues because it's about a survivor following the light. The light is always been where I aim to and it helps you go. It keeps you going. It keeps all entertainers and gives them the strength."

"It Ain't All Confetti" is playing at the El Portal theatre in North Hollywood.

And if you are wondering why people would go to see the comedian's show, Taylor jokes that people think he's dead.

"They've never seen my live before and they thought I died probably," said Taylor. "I've been around so long, I really have. It's wonderful. I still got that fire when the light goes on. It's showbiz. It's funny and it's a gift. I love it and I make them laugh. It makes you forget your troubles."

If you sit down for his show you'll notice it'll likely end with a standing ovation.

"It Ain't All Confetti" is playing through Sunday.

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