Is your child's stroller safe?

LOS ANGELES The Maclaren stroller is one of several that have been recalled.

"If a child was to put their finger into the area of the hinge right here as the stroller is being set up, they could potentially get their finger amputated," said Don Mays, Consumer Reports.

The Britax umbrella stroller poses a similar amputation risk. And so does the canopy attachment on the recalled Graco stroller. All three manufacturers are providing fixes for the problem.

"It's simply a fabric cover that zippers over the hinge area that prevents a child from putting their finger in harms way," said Mays.

And there's a different safety concern with three other strollers. If a child is not properly strapped in, they pose a strangulation risk. All three failed Consumer Reports' test of a voluntary safety standard.

"The danger here is if a child's torso slips under the bar but their head gets hung up," explained Mays. "This head probe represents the dimension between the chin and the back of the head of an average 13-month-old. We test for it by placing it in the stroller. This ball should pass through underneath that bar under its own weight. It doesn't, so it fails to comply with the industry standard."

As a result, Consumer Reports says don't buy: the Valco Baby Tri-Mode all-terrain stroller or the Tike Tech City X3 all-terrain stroller. Also don't buy: the Tike Tech X3 sport jogging stroller.

And no matter what type of stroller you get, always be sure your child is strapped in securely and is never left unattended.

Consumer Reports has contacted both Valco and Tike Tech about its test findings. Neither manufacturer says it has received any reports of injuries. However, Consumer Reports says if you own one of these three strollers, you should remove the grab bar in order to eliminate any potential risk.

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