Ashton Kutcher has 'Killer' role in new movie

LOS ANGELES /*Ashton Kutcher*/ marries action with comedy in his new thriller, "Killers." He plays a government agent with a secret past.

He tries to give it all up to marry the woman of his dreams and live a normal life.

While he first hit the /*Hollywood*/ scene as a model, then actor, Ashton now also relishes his role behind the scenes as producer.

"I've always sort of approached this business by trying to get the job of the guy who's paying my check," Ashton said.

That happened with "Killers," where, between on-screen takes, he was very hands on in the day-to-day producing activities.

"I was very involved from the get go. From finding Katherine Heigl, coming up with the idea for Tom Selleck," Ashton described. "Catherine O'Hara is a godsend. She's so funny and steals every single scene she's in. She's brilliant."

Ashton's TV producing commitments include the reality series "True Beauty."

He says that he hopes viewers who watch the show take away a reminder to be more conscious of their behavior.

"It's really hard to stop at the end of the day and go, 'What did I do today that I could have done better?' The show is about taking those tests in your life as to what are the choices you're going to make? Am I turning right or left? And really having a reflection on that," Ashton said.

"Killers" is rated R and will be in theatres on Friday.

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