Brown releases first Internet ad for governor

LOS ANGELES The election to determine the Republican candidate for governor is a week from Tuesday. It has been the most expensive primary campaign in the state's history. Millions of dollars have been spent by two candidates who want to govern a state in the deepest financial trouble in history. Then there's the former governor, who wants the job again.

Former EBay CEO /*Meg Whitman*/ visited a clothing store in Westminster's Little Saigon district as she began the final week of the primary campaign. The billionaire former businesswoman and the multi-millionaire former Silicon Valley entrepreneur /*Steve Poizner*/, currently the state insurance commissioner, have spent a combined $100 million on the primary.

Poizner was in La Jolla Tuesday.

Whitman held a rare outdoor rally. Protestors from the /*California Nurses Association*/ had to be removed. They support Democrat /*Jerry Brown*/.

The Brown supporters had a woman in costume they called "Queen Meg." The Whitman campaign had a bus moved in front of her so the protestors couldn't be seen from the stage.

"My number one priority is, How do we help small business? How do we create jobs and How do we get the economy going again?" said Whitman.

Poizner says he will cut taxes across the board to create jobs. He always returns to the same core message: "As governor I will stop the flow of illegal aliens into the state of California one way or the other," said Poizner.

One of them will face two-time former governor Brown. He unveiled his first ad Tuesday.

So far, the ad is only on the Internet but it attacks both of his opponents. It makes fun of the acrimony and tone of the debate between Whitman and Poizner while the state keeps going deeper in debt.

Whitman leads Poizner by a large margin in all the recent polls.

It's believed that to beat Brown, she would have to move from the right to the middle of the political spectrum to appeal to enough voters.

"My view is that I've stayed largely where I've started out, that I have been, from the beginning, focused on jobs and spending and education, and I will continue to focus on that," said Whitman.

According to a spokesman for Jerry Brown, Brown's campaign hasn't bought any time yet for their first video ad. He has no competition in the Democratic primary.

Brown's supporters have been running ads attacking Meg Whitman. Democrats think Poizner would be an easier opponent to defeat than Whitman.

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