Poizner reacts to Whitman's latest attack ad

LOS ANGELES With less than a week to go before the /*Republican*/ primary, /*Meg Whitman*/ continues to hammer her opponent.

In a new campaign ad launched Wednesday, the Whitman camp used a sound bite from Poizner, claiming that he has turned his back on the Republican base.

"Much of her campaign is false. It's negative, and she's trying to distract people from the truth," said /*Poizner*/. Poizner fired back, claiming that Whitman's ad is a baseless, false attack.

"This is the worst economic crisis in 160 years and people are looking for strong leadership and not these false, negative ads that Meg Whitman continues to spend millions and millions of dollars on," Poizner said.

Poizner held a news conference Wednesday alongside /*Los Angeles County Commissioner Michael Antonovich*/. Both men condemned the L.A. County Board of Supervisors' decision to boycott Arizona, in light of its controversial new immigration law.

"The political leaders here in L.A. both at the county level and the city level should be focusing on balancing the budget, restoring economic soundness to Los Angeles and bringing jobs back to the state of California," said Poizner.

Antonovich voted against the boycott, which passed tuesday with a 3-2 vote.

"California needs to step up and support states that are enforcing the law. What we need here are solutions not lawsuits - solutions, not boycotts," said Antonovich.

Whitman has come out against the law in /*Arizona*/, which allows police to check on the /*immigration*/ status of people they have detained. Poizner says Whitman is too soft on immigration, but Whitman continues to lead in the polls.

A recent L.A. Times-USC poll shows that Whitman leads Poizner by 24 points heading into Tuesday's primary. Whitman has spent $68 million of her own money on her campaign while Poizner has spent $24 million of his own money.

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