Cool Kid focuses on graffiti prevention

LOS ANGELES Anaheim High School senior Jesse Gutierrez is a Cool Kid who created a program called /*Graffiti Hurts.*/

"It basically focuses on graffiti prevention, the difference between art and graffiti. We go to elementary schools, we teach them the differences," said Jesse.

Jesse has seen the problem in many places, but he has decided to take his message to elementary school kids.

"Normally, we try to punish the people who do graffiti. But they already have that mindset so they're still doing it. So, if we get them at a young age, they sort of know from where they are six-years-old that it is a bad thing," said Jesse.

At the end of the six week program, Jesse can see he has accomplished something good.

"I think just the smiles on their faces for me, how they understand, you could tell they learned something from you. That you weren't just wasting their time, you actually made a difference in their lives," said Jesse.

With plans to attend college in San Diego, Jesse will still make time to return to his neighborhood to do more.

"I think it's our responsibility to give back to the community. When we give back, others can give back. It's like a pay it forward effect. I think that's really important," said Jesse.

Jesse Gutierrez is a Cool Kid who makes his city look better and makes life better too.

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