Woman said to flee w/savings of military men

LOS ANGELES Bobbi Ann Finley has allegedly left behind a trail of heartbreak, children without fathers and financial ruin over the past 17 years. And she's still at large.

Finley is believed to have married dozens of men. Her victims are often young servicemen about to deploy overseas, leaving their bank accounts behind.

Jacob Anderson was a /*Camp Pendleton*/ Marine in 1993. He met Finley on an Amtrak train to /*San Diego*/.

"She made me believe she was the woman of my dreams. She's definitely smart, charming, beautiful witty and a very convincing liar," said Anderson.

Seven days after their wedding, Finley vanished.

"She took a check book, ran up thousands of dollars, got me in a bunch of trouble, not only with creditors but even with my military command," Anderson described.

"She was pregnant when we got married. Not from me, from somebody else. She was very charming, very convincing," Anderson said.

Finley has at least nine children from these brief unions. Many have never met their real fathers.

Finley's mother in Oregon is caring for two of the kids. She calls her daughter a professional /*con artist*/.

"She's terrible. She needs to be locked up. I've said that for years. She needs to be in a mental institution as far as I'm concerned," said Finley's mother, Sue Wolf.

Wolf says her daughter has numerous aliases and nine social security numbers.

"I got married on a Monday. That following weekend, she was gone," said another one of Finley's victims, Shane Cheeseman.

Finley conned Cheeseman in 1998 and he's still trying to recover from bankruptcy. He suspects one of Finley's daughters is his.

"Spitting image of me. Put my picture that age up to hers, it's identical," Cheeseman described.

Katy Wegg is the mother of another victim. She says she tracked down at least 27 and possibly 39 of Finley's marriages.

Finley recently spoke to a Seattle TV news reporter over the phone, at first signaling that she was ready to turn herself in. However, she said, "I never said before that I was going to turn myself in."

Along with the military, law enforcement agencies in at least half a dozen states have warrants out for her arrest including California.

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