Van der Sloot back in Peru on murder charge

LIMA, Peru /*Joran van der Sloot*/ was extradited from Chile Friday, where he was arrested on a murder warrant.

The 22-year-old Dutchman is suspected of killing a young Peruvian woman five years after /*Natalee Holloway*/ disappeared on Aruba after being seen with him.

But van der Sloot is proclaiming he is innocent in both cases.

Apparently caught on the run in Chile, van der Sloot, his head newly shaved, his hair dyed red. A disguise? If so, not enough to evade international police.

"We're confident this young man will pay for his crimes," said Octavio Salazar Miranda, Peruvian minister of the interior.

Last Saturday night, van der Sloot was at a casino in Lima, Peru. At the same poker table was 21-year-old /*Stephany Flores*/. Security cameras later filmed the pair entering his hotel.

A few hours later, van der Sloot left. Four days later a maid discovered Flores's body in van der Sloot hotel room with her neck broken.

ABC News has learned van der Sloot pre-paid 14 nights in his hotel room and instructed no one to enter. On Thursday the Flores family prepared to bury their daughter, something Natalee Holloway's family has never been able to do.

Five years ago van der Sloot was the last person seen with Holloway on the night she disappeared in Aruba. Her body has never been found.

Van der Sloot, the prime suspect, was never charged due to a lack of evidence. In Peru, there is no death penalty, but he could face a lengthy prison sentence.

"Twenty years, 30 years, a 100 years or life. There is no chance they'll release him on bail," said Roy Black, a defense attorney.

"Joran was able to laugh at the crime he committed in Aruba," said Stephany's father Ricardo Flores in Spanish. "In Peru, he will not be able to laugh."

Van der Sloot is also wanted by authorities in Alabama on extortion charges. He's accused there of trying to exchange cash for details on where to find the Holloway's body.

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