Mitrice Richardson search continues in Malibu

MALIBU, Calif. It's believed Richardson was having mental issues the day she was arrested for failing to pay a bill at a Malibu restaurant. She was released from the Lost Hills-Malibu sheriff's station in the middle of the night and hasn't been seen since.

Mitrice is a /*Cal State Fullerton*/ graduate with a 4.0 GPA and was set to begin a doctoral program.

Friday, family, friends and volunteers loaded up supplies for the two-day search.

"When I have a task such as this search effort, I'm very focused and working on adrenaline, but it's still very emotional for myself, my family, and all of Mitrice's friends," said Richardson's mother Latice Sutton.

Volunteers can sign up by telephone at (323) 777-0453, or send an email to

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